ITS: where IT comes together™.

Looking for advanced IT engineering? Optimization of existing assets? Simplified management? Higher ROI? Lower TCO?

Looks like you've come to the right place.

Since 1996, Integrated Technical Services has been helping clients solve IT problems utilizing an ingenious combination of technical expertise, best-of-breed technologies and just plain common sense.


Our Value Proposition

First and foremost we're engineers. We love spending our time creating well thought-out and carefully crafted solutions and delivering them to our customers through an efficient and cost-effective process.

We help our customers make critical business decisions using a practical approach to solving IT challenges. Our reputation is built upon engineering excellence, not marketing; we are unpretentious, with the ability to make positive, demonstrable impact on the bottom line.

Sound interesting? Contact us now - and see how common sense combined with uncommon expertise can help your business flourish.


  • Network Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Server Management
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Unified Messaging Services
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Management Consulting

ITS and Aruba: join the network mobility revolution.

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