Prepare for the future with NextGen network solutions from ITSco.

As more and more services migrate to the cloud, and mobile devices begin to outnumber desktop systems, it is more critical than ever to deploy and maintain network infrastructures that are robust, scalable and secure. Successful businesses must create a workplace that supports efficiency and mobility along with secure access to network resources wherever they happen to be.


So what’s the BEST way to build a smarter office?

The answer is: Find a trusted IT partner who can create a customized solution based on (a) years of experience with multiple vendors and technologies and (b) a thorough analysis or your particular business needs. At ITSco, we integrate wired and wireless networks into one cohesive access solution for your entire enterprise – from corporate headquarters employees and guests to traveling business professionals and remote workers – providing consistent, secure access to network resources based on who they are – no matter where they are, what devices they use, or how they connect.

We have in-depth experience with all of today’s leading wireless vendors – from HPE/Aruba to Cisco/Meraki – and the expertise required to design and deploy networks that are secure, scalable, dependable and tailored to meet your business needs.

The next generation of network access: Increase mobility and security. Reduce Costs.

Beyond the obvious convenience and productivity of mobility – there is another tangible benefit: Cost reduction. When designed and deployed correctly, modern wireless networks provide converged access that is MUCH less expensive to deploy and maintain than legacy, wired architectures. As enterprises modernize their networks to support mobility and other business initiatives, an unprecedented opportunity is arising that enables IT organizations to rethink decades-old assumptions about their networks – and to deliver increased service at reduced costs

NextGen wireless solutions from ITSco.
ITSCO: Trusted IT solutions since 1996.

ITSco: Trusted IT solutions since 1996.

Simply put – if you are thinking about mobile network access, you need to partner with a company that can assess your needs honestly and design and deliver projects that provides real value. You need to talk to ITSco.

Since 1996, Integrated Technical Services has been helping clients solve IT problems by utilizing an ingenious combination of technical expertise, best-of-breed technologies and just plain common sense. Our team has the expertise to understand your computing environment no matter how intricate, and the experience to develop and deliver the solutions you need to maximize your investment.