5 Benefits of Infrastructure Outsourcing

Planning for continued business growth requires taking consistent action, including giving serious consideration to IT infrastructure outsourcing

One of the primary reasons decision-makers are looking into outsourcing is to lower costs while maintaining the performance of critical business processes.

Simply being competitive has become a requirement instead of a lofty goal for businesses today. That’s why we’ve come up with five reasons why outsourced IT infrastructure strategies make sense. 

In this article, we’ll discuss those reasons in depth, and explain their benefits to your business.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Infrastructure

1. The Rise in Efficiency

Companies choose infrastructure outsourcing because it improves efficiency. That may seem like a straightforward answer, but there’s plenty to unpack here. Outsourcing enables decision-makers to measure efficiency based on response times, engagement, and automation tools. 

Aligning the outsourced work to your company’s objectives is key to making these initiatives successful over an extended period of time. For instance, your business may choose to outsource because data shows that line employees cannot complete certain tasks in a certain amount of time.

To save money and increase efficiency, a third party who can handle these infrastructure-related duties is introduced to complete these tasks more efficiently and at a lower price.

2. IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Systematically Controls Costs

5 Benefits of Infrastructure Outsourcing
Source: Deloitte


One of the main reasons why businesses outsource their infrastructure is to systematically control costs. Reducing costs without a plan may lead to short-term savings, but it does not address your long-term concerns. 

In order to generate long-term savings and better returns through outsourcing, you must have:

  • A strategy in place: Using SWOT analyses and SMART objectives, a strategy is introduced that will guide the organization from conception to completion.
  • The right vendor: The best, most affordable, and most efficient solution that meets the organization’s specific needs is located and implemented. 
  • Ongoing management: The right managers and other points of leadership are put in place to monitor the solution’s progress and effectiveness over the long run.

The objective here is to find the perfect balance between in-house processes and infrastructure outsourcing and subsequently maintain or improve the quality.. 

According to a report from NASSCOM-McKinsey, up to 85% of IT infrastructure management activities can be done remotely as a way to reduce costs

3. Outsourcing Services Provides New Expertise Without Excessive Overhead

A company with in-house IT personnel benefits from the collective expertise of the team. However, what if that cumulative expertise isn’t enough? 

Outsourcing your infrastructure fills this gap by allowing your business to benefit from new expertise without the cost of hiring new employees.

From recruitment costs all the way up to compensation packages that are competitive with today’s employee acquisition environment, supplementing your in-house team is more expensive than outsourcing infrastructure services. To reduce labor costs, outsourcing is the most logical next step.

Infrastructure management means not only paying less for equipment but also less for the expertise required to get full use out of the technical equipment to begin with. 

For the business owner focused on growing a small business, using external data centers backed by service level agreements is more cost-effective than building the infrastructure in-house.

4. Easier Adaptation to Security Threats

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

While an in-house IT team can handle plenty of tasks, they may or may not be as well versed in cybersecurity as an outsourced team. Protecting core business operations often involves 24/7 support, which is costly to handle in-house.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What steps is your organization taking to reduce the overall attack surface? 
  • Does your in-house team have the core competency and strength necessary to handle security intrusions? 

Managing your security can be challenging without reliable expertise on standby to monitor, analyze, and focus on improving and transforming your underlying security protocols.

This is why businesses outsource IT infrastructure services. Doing so allows for these services to be fulfilled by certified specialists who can properly protect your critical hardware and data from cybercriminals. 

5. Reducing Compliance Concerns

Compliance has both legal and marketplace repercussions. Managing compliance successfully not only minimizes reputational risk and irreparable damage to a company’s brand but helps with reducing risk overall.

Gaining notoriety is ideal for improving your business. However, notoriety for being a frequent target of security breaches and cyber attacks will not foster business growth. 

Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey indicates that brand and reputational damage was the number one risk for businesses. Given these severe consequences, using managed services to maintain compliance can be far more cost-effective than hiring and training staff and keeping their skills up-to-date.



Outsource Your IT Infrastructure With Confidence

The best way to drive innovation forward and reach your business goals is by introducing new tactics that allow you to focus on core business strengths. Outsourcing your infrastructure management can help you achieve this objective.

When you partner with ITSco, you get access to trustworthy outsourced services that are scalable and adaptable. They can also give your organization a competitive edge that will enable you to gain market share for years to come.

For more information about our IT infrastructure outsourcing services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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