Outsourcing Your Network: the Good and the Bad

You face a lot of decisions when it comes to running your business. And one of the most critical decisions you can make is whether or not to outsource your network support.

Recent statistics show that 45% of companies that outsource their IT do so to save money. Additionally, 46% say that outsourcing allows them access to certain skill sets that can’t be accessed within their own IT department.

There are many pros to working with outsourcing companies for your IT, but it’s important to take a careful look at the pros and cons before making a decision. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some key points to consider.

Outsourcing Network Support: The Basics

Outsourcing network support is a great option for businesses that need the expertise of a professional IT networking team, but don’t want to hire and manage full-time staff with such specialized skills.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing support is that it allows you to focus your internal resources on core operations while your provider manages your infrastructure. And – while there are some cons to outsourcing network support that are detailed below and should be taken into account as part of your due diligence – outsourcing your network support systems can be an extremely effective and efficient option, as long as you choose the right provider. With an IT company like ITSco, you can trust your network to a team with a long track record of dedicated service. Our hands-on approach to outsourced network management and technical support can help put your mind at ease, and propel your business into the future!


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Pros of Outsourcing Network Support

Outsourcing network support is a great decision for many businesses who need access to a team of top-tier professionals but don’t want the expense or hassle of hiring and managing the necessary personnel. Among the benefits of outsourcing network support are:

Optimization of Time and Resources

By outsourcing your organization’s network management, you can offload the considerable time, effort and resources that are involved in maintaining a stable information technology infrastructure.

Increased Bandwidth

Outsourcing gives you access to a team of resources that you might not otherwise have access to – especially during times when internal staff is short-handed or user demand is rising quickly,

By outsourcing network management, you can access the full expertise of qualified network engineers and architects without committing to long-term contracts or hiring full-time staff – and more easily scale your network infrastructure to meet your evolving business needs.

Broader Scope of Expertise

When you outsource, you can upscale your business up to a much broader and useful level of expertise compared to the level that your internal staff can provide on its own.

With an outsourced network management provider, you’ll have access to IT engineers and C-level executives for budgeting, project planning, and implementation assistance.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing network support offers the ability to control costs more efficiently by limiting the need for full time resources dedicated to specialized functions, resulting in fewer funds being devoted to payroll and reducing capital investment in hardware/software.

Outsourcing your network infrastructure and support services helps to ensure cost effective IT spending by offering increased efficiencies across your organization.

Transparent Agreements

Outsourcing allows you to benefit from service level agreements (SLAs) that hold service providers accountable to strict support criteria that improve operational efficiency and match the specific needs of your organization.


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Risks of Outsourced Network Management

While outsourcing your network monitoring and management can have many benefits for your business, it can have its drawbacks if you don’t partner with an IT provider that meets your needs.

Some of the risks of outsourcing network support include:

Support Gaps Resulting from Cookie-Cutter Support Services

One-size-fits-all service offerings often result in lackluster services delivered by under-qualified engineers who do not understand your business.

Network administrators who are unfamiliar with your systems, processes, and technologies may not always be aware of the security elements that need to be in place to protect your intellectual property and computer networks, exposing your company to unacceptable business risks, including potential breaches of sensitive data. And the risks are even greater if your outsourced resources  are located in another country.

To avoid these kinds of scenarios, it’s best to partner with a local, top-rated, managed service provider (MSP) like ITSco for your outsourced network management. This way, you gain access to a dependable, local partner who can provide a level of support that is customized for your business.

Slowdowns in Responsiveness

Outsourcing the management of networks can mean that changes might take place at a slower pace than desired. In other words, putting someone outside of your organization in control of your network, means you have less direct control of what happens when.

The best way to avoid this problem is to partner with an MSP that offers a personal and collaborative approach to understanding your core business and network support needs. A team that will treat your business as if it were their own. Together, your internal and external IT resources can develop change management execution plans that include timelines, goals, and execution methods that are appropriate for your business needs.


Here is a summary of the pros and cons of outsourcing network support described in this blog:




Optimization of Time and Resources

Support Gaps

Increased Support Bandwidth

Lack of Responsiveness

Broader Scope of Expertise

Difficulty Finding an IT Provider Who Understands Your Business

Cost Savings

Transparent Agreements


Outsourcing Network Support: Finding the Right Provider

Any outsourcing agreement should be considered carefully before implementation, with particular attention being paid to matching your business needs to your vendor’s capabilities.

In partnering with a leading IT provider like ITSco, you can expect to receive:

  • Top quality services that match your business needs
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Knowledgeable IT advice from experienced, C-level IT managers
  • A highly-skilled network operations team who understands your business
  • An ongoing commitment to security and vulnerability management
  • A true partnership!

To experience the best of outsourced network management, get in touch with us by booking a free consultation!


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