Exploring The Top 7 Raleigh Industries

As the capital of the state of North Carolina, Raleigh stands tall as a thriving hub for diverse industries that shape the region’s economic landscape. From technology-driven ventures that redefine the digital frontier to an ever-expanding healthcare sector that supports the well-being of its residents, Raleigh’s industries exemplify its dynamic spirit of progress and growth.

And that is why so many entrepreneurs call the Raleigh region home. “The incredible growth of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community supports a dynamic business environment that drives the need for a wide variety of support services – including the kinds of advanced IT solutions that we provide. We are thankful to have been part of the Raleigh community for over 25 years, and we are grateful to our customers throughout North Carolina for their support” says George Terrone, one of the founders of ITSco – one of Raleigh-Durham’s premier IT Services firms.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at top industries in Raleigh – and some of the companies that have helped put the city’s name on the map.


Biggest Industries in Raleigh: A Closer Look

As of 2023, Raleigh’s metro area population is 1,591,000, an increase of 2.84% over 2022.

Biggest Most Important Industries in Raleigh

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With this growing population, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity in Raleigh’s many thriving industries. Let’s take a look at some of them.


1. Technology and Research

As part of the “Research Triangle” anchored by Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, Raleigh boasts a robust technology and research industry that propels innovation and economic growth throughout the region. Anchored by world-renowned universities such as North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina, the region attracts top-notch talent, fosters groundbreaking discoveries, and provides fertile ground for entrepreneurship.

At the core of Research Triangle is  Research Triangle Park (RTP), a sprawling research and development hub that houses over 250 companies in bucolic campus settings, including IBM, Cisco Systems, and GlaxoSmithKline. These industry giants, along with numerous startups, fuel advancements in fields like biotechnology, information technology, and clean energy, helping to make technology one of the top industries in Raleigh.


2. Healthcare, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences

Raleigh’s health services, biotechnology and life-sciences sector continues to play a significant role in the city’s economic success – and is certainly one of the biggest industries in Raleigh today.

With esteemed Medical Schools and Medical Centers like Duke University Medical Center and UNC Health Care, the region attracts top healthcare professionals and offers state-of-the-art facilities for patient care.

Additionally, the area is home to hundreds of biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies – such as Biogen, GSK, IQVIA, Bayer, Hospira, and Thermo Fisher – which focus on a wide variety of research, drug development, and clinical trial activities.

The synergy between research institutions, healthcare providers, and biotech/ life-sciences companies fosters an environment of medical excellence in the Raleigh area, contributing to the city’s reputation as a premier destination for careers in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life-sciences.


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3. Education and Knowledge-Economy

The education sector stands as one of the biggest industries in Raleigh, driven by its prestigious universities and colleges. In addition to North Carolina State University, Duke University, and The University of North Carolina, the region houses numerous higher education institutions that attract students from across the world.

The presence of these institutions not only contributes to a highly educated workforce but also fuels a thriving knowledge-based economy. Raleigh’s educational institutions drive research, entrepreneurship, and intellectual capital, nurturing an environment conducive to innovation and knowledge-sharing across a wide variety of industries.


4. Financial and Business Services

Raleigh’s financial and business services sector thrives on the city’s reputation as a regional economic powerhouse.

With a diverse mix of banking, insurance, consulting, and professional service firms, Raleigh attracts businesses seeking a strategic location with a skilled workforce. Major financial institutions such as BB&T (now Truist), First Citizens Bank, Wells-Fargo, PNC Financial and RBC have significant regional operations in the Triangle.


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5. Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship

Raleigh nurtures a vibrant creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystem bolstered by a thriving arts and culture scene. The city has numerous design firms, advertising agencies, media companies, and entertainment venues.

The Raleigh Convention Center hosts significant events, conferences, and trade shows, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Entrepreneurial support organizations like Innovate Raleigh, The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), and The Assembly provide startup resources and mentorship, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and business growth. The convergence of creativity, entrepreneurship, and supportive networks positions Raleigh as a hub for the creative industries, contributing to its economic vitality and cultural vibrancy.


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Biggest Industries in Raleigh


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