Should Students Learn How to Code?

With the continued security of jobs within the IT industry, students are being encouraged to learn how to code.  This is especially true with younger students, where many schools are taking into consideration the importance of knowing how to code.  Coding teaches logic and better enables that person to understand the IT industry.  Still, there are different viewpoints on this matter.

One example of this requirement is seen in the Chicago City School System, where the course ‘code writing and computer science’ is required.  Another reason for implementing these types of courses is that they could open the door to success for students who come from low-income areas ( Right now, the skill of coding is valuable, so this could help these populations to gain entrance to college and find work.  Teaching students to code could also eliminate the need for outsourced work.  A similar program is also being implemented in the Los Angeles Public School System (

Others, however, disagree.  A recent article on the Huffington Post explains that coding education should not be mandatory in high schools because the entire process of coding has not been refined enough to be natural for humans to learn (  Others worry that nurturing an interest in coding at a young age could eventually saturate the job market, causing wages to drop.

What are your thoughts on this? Should coding education be enforced, or should it just be an option?

-The ITS Team

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