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Professional Services

ITSco - Professional Services

ITSco’s Professional Services combine the best engineers with the most appropriate technologies and a proven process for successful delivery. While we are never rigid or inflexible, we have learned that consistency requires some structure. Our roadmap for successful projects includes:


  • Document technical requirements and understand business objectives
  • Perform discovery and analysis
  • Create high-level project plans and define deliverables
  • Define criteria of success


  • Creation of detailed Project Plan including dates, milestones & deliverables
  • Creation of detailed Engineering Plan including specs and costs
  • Review, iterate and win approval


  • Careful implementation per Project Plan
  • Constant, clear and concise communications
  • Validation of functional and operational success per specs


  • Presentation of thorough documentation per requirements
  • Review project process and results
  • Review and evaluate measures of success

Proactive Managed Services

ITSco - Proactive Managed Services

Ensure maximum uptime for your business by partnering with ITSco to build a proactive organization that relies on 24×7 monitoring coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance program to manage devices, networks, users, desktops and data.

We start our Managed Services engagement with a thorough assessment in order to understand your technical infrastructure and your business objectives. From there, we will:

  • Create a detailed project plan for successful deployment
  • Offer a simple pricing structure and service level agreement (SLA) customized for your business

During the implementation phase, we will:

  • Install a sophisticated remote monitoring and management (RMM) system so that our engineers can address problems proactively
  • Provide access to our on-line support portal so that when problems do occur, you always have robust mechanisms for communication and resolution

Our active management will include:

  • Robust 24×7 performance monitoring of your critical network and desktop devices
  • Patch Management
  • Regular and comprehensive preventative maintenance
  • A NOC team that is available to assist with all your support needs

In addition, a fully integrated Security Management system will protect your infrastructure (and data) with robust Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions.

And the information provided by our management tools gives our experts the data they need to optimize your systems for performance and security, providing a strategic approach to IT management with a true IT partner.