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Empower your team to achieve more with IT outsourcing services that enhance productivity, collaboration, and communication.

Reduce Recurring IT Issues with Our IT Outsourcing Company in Raleigh

Maximize network uptime, increase productivity, and deploy comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your business needs.

Reasons to choose ITSco as your IT outsourcing firm:

Maximize your ROI on IT infrastructure spending with strategic IT outsourcing to a reliable, local company that businesses in Raleigh have trusted for more than 25 years..

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Raleigh IT Outsourcing

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Experience The Benefits of Our IT Outsourcing Services in Raleigh

Consulting Services

Harness executive consulting expertise and deploy integrated IT solutions that align technology roadmaps with business goals for long-term success.

Cloud Migration

Maximize the power of the cloud with our migration planning, deployment and management services.

Network Security

Reduce risks with comprehensive network audits and penetration testing. Fortify your defences with security assessment and remediation services.

Network Infrastructure

Our seasoned network engineers can handle any project – from network assessments and troubleshooting, to ground-up design and implementation, to completely outsourced network management services.

Help Desk Services

Improve user productivity and reduce frustration by letting our well-trained service desk engineers resolve IT problems quickly and efficiently.  We provide guaranteed response times for critical events based on your customized SLA.

Systems Engineering

ITSco is committed  to providing the highest levels of engineering expertise to its customers. Let our senior systems architects design and deploy robust and efficient systems and processes that support your business plans.

IT Risk Management

Safeguard your organization with formal risk assessments, security remediation services, network penetration testing, and disaster recovery planning.

IT Automation

Enhance and automate the management of IT resources to reduce human error and improve productivity and security.

Regulatory Compliance

Our senior security team can help your business achieve and maintain critical certifications and compliance standards (SOC, NIST, ISO, HPAA, etc.)

Clients Who Rely on Our IT Outsourcing Company in Raleigh

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with Our
IT Outsourcing Firm in Raleigh

IT Outsourcing Company Raleigh

Comprehensive IT Solutions to Drive Your Business Forward

We’re committed to providing real value to your business. 

With comprehensive solutions and balanced IT services spanning a broad range of IT disciplines, our outsourcing services include:

  • Executive IT consulting
  • IT Project Management (ITPM)
  • Cloud migration services
  • Integrated support services
  • Security and MSSP services
  • Network and systems engineering
  • DevOps/ NetOps/ SysOps/ CloudOps and SecOps services

Dependable Outsourcing Services 

Spanning 3 generations, our team represents a depth and breadth of experience and know-how that is as rare as it is refreshing. For more than 25 years, SMBs have been putting their trust in our SMEs!

Why ITSco is a Leader Among Other IT Outsourcing Companies in Raleigh


Years serving businesses across Raleigh and RTP, NC


Of our clients have been with us for 5+ years


Support provided by our Raleigh IT outsourcing services

Improve Network Reliability, Scalability and Security

With the average data breach costing over $5.9 million, SMB’s are under a lot of pressure to protect their IT infrastructure and the sensitive data housed within.

ITSco is here to help with that effort. Since 1996, we’ve been one of the IT outsourcing companies that Raleigh businesses have depended on to  defend against cyber threats and meet their compliance requirements.

Effective IT Outsourcing without pretense or drama

With a 25+ year record of systems and networking engineering excellence, we partner with our customers to create a multi-layered defense strategy based on cutting-edge information technology that is customized to meet their business requirements

Raleigh IT Outsourcing Services

Increase Productivity and Profitability with Our Expert IT Outsourcing Services

Control IT spending and reduce operating expenses with outsourced IT services

IT outsourcing in Raleigh

Our Commitment to IT Excellence Builds Long-Term Partnerships

Eliminate unpredictability. Stay on schedule and stay on budget with business-appropriate solutions and easy-to-understand IT services pricing. 

Forward-thinking, Small Business IT Outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing services and solutions are engineered to support the evolving demands of small-to-medium sized businesses throughout their business growth and development.  

IT Service Excellence

Making customer satisfaction one of our core competencies has played an important role in our long-term success as a trusted IT outsourcing firm in Raleigh, and across the Triangle, the Triad and the Piedmont in North Carolina. 

Our Customers Count On Us

The vast majority of our clients stay with us for years –  and some for decades. Currently, our average client tenure is 8.5 years. We appreciate their loyalty and work hard every day to earn it.

Your Gateway to Experienced IT Professionals Across Multiple Industries

Our IT outsourcing and IT consulting services provide a single-source for access a broad range of IT professionals with valuable experience across a wide range of industries, including:

Raleigh Computer Outsourcing Company

The Right IT Outsourcing Company in Raleigh Can Help Your Business Thrive

Network Automation Project Improves Security, Supportability, and Scalability
Oil Company
Implementation of a scalable network automation engine to improve security for one of the world’s largest oil companies - on time and on budget.
Helping a $27 Billion Business Upgrade its Network Management Capabilities
Regional Bank
Using automation to enhance the security, manageability, and scalability of a network infrastructure that supports 2800 employees across 250 offices.
Unlocking Business Opportunities Through IT Innovation
Southern Rehabilitation Network
Design and implementation of a modernized computing infrastructure helped SRN streamline its business, improve its security posture and qualify for critical state contracts.

FAQs About Our IT Outsourcing Services in Raleigh

Elevating network reliability and team effectiveness is at the core of our services.

By outsourcing your IT needs, you gain access to our expertly crafted solutions, which are tailored to optimize your network’s performance. This results in minimized downtime and maximizes your team’s operational capacity, thus directly enhancing overall productivity.

Our strategic allocation of technology resources ensures that your infrastructure is resilient, secure, and aligned with your business objectives.

Our network audit process is distinguished by its thoroughness and precision. Our engineers, with their extensive expertise, delve deep into your network to uncover inefficiencies and potential risks.

This proactive identification and remediation of vulnerabilities set the foundation for a secure and efficient IT environment.

By choosing our services, you benefit from a strategic partner focused on enhancing your network’s integrity and performance, which is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Outsourcing your IT to us translates into a strategic advantage in maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance standards.

Our dedicated CISSP-certified security team not only helps your business meet current compliance requirements but also stays ahead of evolving regulations.

This proactive approach ensures that your business maintains continuous compliance, providing peace of mind and protecting your company’s integrity in a landscape of ever-changing regulatory challenges.

Our commitment to data protection is unwavering. We integrate real-time monitoring with state-of-the-art data protection techniques to shield your business against data breaches.

In addition, our disaster recovery planning is meticulously crafted to provide resilience and rapid recovery capabilities. Our aim is to minimize disruption and ensure that your business operations can quickly rebound from any disaster, guaranteeing continuity and stability in your business’s critical functions.

Our IT outsourcing services stand out in the Raleigh market due to our unwavering commitment to technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

With over two decades of service, we have honed our ability to deliver customized IT solutions that resonate with the local business ethos.

This, combined with our deep-rooted community ties and comprehensive understanding of the regional business landscape, ensures that our clients receive IT support that is not only top-notch but also perfectly attuned to their unique needs.

Trust ITSco for Comprehensive IT Outsourcing Solutions

We believe that Information Technology should be a driver of business innovation and productivity. 

Find out how one of the most capable IT services companies can help you increase your team’s productivity and profitability.

Let our IT outsourcing services help you meet your business goals by creating an Information Technology Infrastructure that improves reliability, scalability, and security while reducing administrative overhead.

Discover the difference our IT outsourcing solutions can make to your productivity and profitability. Trust ITSco for all things IT.

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