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Seamless Communication Solutions to Empower Your Business with VoIP

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Why choose ITSco for VoIP and Unified Communications services?

  • Consolidate your voice, video, chat, and other communications into one integrated system.
  • Receive hands-on support from certified experts who help with everything from configuration to cabling.
  • Save yourself from the sales pitches and rely on the experts to identify cost-effective, proven solutions.
  • Get dedicated 24/7 support that ensures your communication systems are always up and running.
  • Ensure confidential business communications remain private with encrypted VoIP and unified communications.

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Trusted VoIP and Unified Communications Provider

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Trusted VoIP and Unified Communications Provider

Partner with a Proven Track Record for Unbeatable Results

A significant number of our clients have had security breaches.
25+ Years
As an esteemed provider of IT services
Over 60% of our clients have been with us for over five years.

Revolutionize Communication with VoIP & Unified Solutions

Streamline Communication and Boost Productivity

Experience a seamless softphone solution that integrates calls directly with your business software.

Effortlessly connect your voice calls to your CRM, sales, or support software, eliminating the need to switch between platforms during client interactions.

Maximize productivity and elevate customer satisfaction by accessing essential information during every call.

Our Trusted Client Portfolio

VoIP and Unified Communications Services

Boost Productivity with Unified Communications

Consolidate your business communication tools into one integrated system with ITSco’s unified communications services.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple platforms and enjoy seamless coordination of voice, video, chat, and other communication channels.

This streamlined approach enhances efficiency, boosts productivity, and empowers your team to collaborate effortlessly.

Contact us today to experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable communication services.

Scale Your Business with Communications Solutions

Experience the scalability of our VoIP and unified communication solutions, designed to adapt to your growing requirements throughout our partnership.

Whether you need to increase capacity, upgrade features, or optimize your communication infrastructure, we provide the necessary support and resources to align your communication capabilities with your business growth.

VoIP & Unified Solutions
VoIP and Unified Communications Services

Maximize Investments, Minimize Costs

Discover the potential of slashing your business phone system expenses by up to $2,500 per 10 users per month by switching from a traditional landline system to ITSco’s hosted VoIP system.

Our user-friendly VoIP phone system simplifies your operations. With an intuitive web-based interface, you can effortlessly manage settings, add or remove users, and access insightful call logs and analytics.

Let us take care of system updates and maintenance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your core business operations.

Seamless Communication Excellence for Your Entire Organization

Supercharge Your Business Productivity Today!


What is your involvement in office communication systems, including those?

ITSco serves as an expert solutions provider, offering comprehensive assistance in implementing, managing, and supporting VoIP and Unified Communications Services. Our team specializes in optimizing your office communication systems, ensuring you experience uninterrupted connectivity and superior performance.

With round-the-clock support, we guarantee you receive the assistance you need whenever you need it, allowing your business to thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern communication.

How do you enhance internal collaboration within a company?

Our VoIP and Unified Communications Services are designed to enhance internal collaboration within your company. Through the implementation of presence technology, we enable seamless communication by allowing team members to easily identify who is available for meetings or tasks, optimizing time management and productivity.

In addition, our services incorporate video conferencing enhancements, providing an interactive platform for effective team collaboration, regardless of location or distance.

Can your services be tailored to meet the specific needs of my business?

Yes, our VoIP and Unified Communications Services can be customized to align with your unique business requirements. Whether you aim to integrate phone recordings with CRM software or seek a scalable phone system for easy expansion, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our flexible support services are tailored to fit your specific needs, guaranteeing that you only invest in the services that are essential to your business success.

What kind of support and training do you provide to businesses?

Maximize the potential of your VoIP and Unified Communications Services with our comprehensive training and support. We aim to minimize recurring issues and equip your team with the necessary tools to optimize your communication systems.

Our dedicated teams are readily available to address any inquiries and provide training, ensuring a seamless transition to your new communication setup. Count on us to empower you and your team to fully leverage the capabilities of your VoIP and Unified Solutions.

How can you assist my business in reducing expenses?

Our VoIP and Unified Communications Services are designed to help your business minimize unnecessary expenses related to communication inefficiencies. With personalized support packages, you only pay for the services that align with your specific needs, resulting in immediate cost savings.

In addition, our expert team will assist you in identifying cost-effective VoIP systems that deliver the utility and value you expect, further optimizing your communication expenses.

Real-Life Success Stories

Network Automation Project Improves Security, Supportability, and Scalability
Oil Company
Implementation of a scalable network automation engine to improve security for one of the world’s largest oil companies - on time and on budget.
Helping a $27 Billion Business Upgrade its Network Management Capabilities
Regional Bank
Using automation to enhance the security, manageability, and scalability of a network infrastructure that supports 2800 employees across 250 offices.
Unlocking Business Opportunities Through IT Innovation
Southern Rehabilitation Network
Design and implementation of a modernized computing infrastructure helped SRN streamline its business, improve its security posture and qualify for critical state contracts.
Our Partners
Our Partners